Friday, August 26, 2005

where did ashwin go?

i just realised that ashwin has not messaged me in a long long time. it's either there's something wrong with his pc/connection or he really is studying. so ashwin if ure reading this, "where are you??"

hehe...just last night i was ever determined to post a long-winded emo post on why i'm still single and that there should be more nathan and lucas scotts in this world, and how it's so unjust that everyone's got someone except me. yup...i was in that mood. the kind of mood that harps on sadness and loneliness and makes me refuse to sleep eventhough my eyes were tearing from sleepiness and my head was throbbing from fatigue, just so i can let the silent lonely night engulf me and let me wallow in self pity.

but then someone started talking to me. i'm not exactly thrilled by this incident actually, but if it was any consolation (which i regard it to be) it broke my train of thoughts and pulled me back to reality. the guy had asked me out (and sincerely too, he was quick to add) on a date (he specified it crystal clear). and it was pretty intriguing in the beginning, that someone like me could be of interest to someone like him. but then he started getting a bit corny and fake and sugary sweet that it was just plain hilarious. yea...i was actually laughing at his deep, meaningful words and his utter sense of romance. it's so funny. the more he talked the more i'm convinced the guy's desperate and that he thinks just because i'm no where along the lines of his experience in the matter, that i'd be an easy catch. sad to say, i'm not the least bit attracted. i have always been sweet-talk-shy and the guy was hypothetically a candy vendor.

sigh...what if i start laughing at every guy who tries to pick me up? haha...

i watched charlie and the chocolate factory about an hour ago. Roald Dahl has a bizarre mind and my hat's off to Johnny Depp. The movie had rather good effects and the storyline is so very...children's-story-like. Fun, senseless movie. Go watch it. You'll be amused and amazed!

my 3 little couzzies are in my house to spend the night. i enjoy their company. they keep me young! haha....

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