Tuesday, August 16, 2005


today's just been sing-aloud-skip-along-smile-awide jolly good!

it started with Mr Sun shining right through my window! the haze is gone and the sun is back!!! whoopee~!! it just sets the mood u noe....

then i attended some Thespians meeting nd out of nowhere i've been appointed the Events Coordinator. It's quite funny coz only 2 of us were there and she called it a BOD meeting. anywhoz, we planned the semester's agenda and hopefully it all turns out well. from experience, i know that a year planner almost never gets carried out accor ding to plan. but if 50% of what we came up with today will be carried out, i'll be happy enough. :)

and then i dozed off for the first time during lecture this semester...this shouldn't be added to my happy list but there should be a ceremonial inaugural everything rite? hahaha...and i became closer to another friend, Grace when she helped me through BCM 101 lecture by enlightenning me with her love story. haha...i don't know what is it in we girls that make us so interested in other people's lives. :)

the cream of the crop, would be the arrival of my new pc!!! it's sooo marvelous! i could stay here forever! haha....that's it la...i'm so gonna be a tech geek with this pc in my hands. it actually caused me like loads of problems in the beginning. first the delivery was late (it came on saturday instead of wednesday). then after bringing it home, i realised there wasn't a network card (i know! like wth?!?!?). then after clearing the mix up today (apparently the fault of the manufacturer) i brought it home and it couldn't connect! how disappointing and frustrating! but thanks to my dear Daddy dearest it's working now~! full force! it's so fun! everything is soooo freakin fast! i swear i tend to flinch sometimes when i maximise or minimise something. it's that astonishing to me! ahahhaha

i'm so so so in debt with my parents. God give me diligence to work hard, patience to hold on, and self control to limit myself! :)

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