Sunday, August 07, 2005

swimming competitions and weddings

i think that the rules for swimming competitions are far too strict for kids under 12. i followed my parents to Cheras today to watch Keith swim in the Milo Sports Excel. He was up for 100m Freestyle. When they were all on the diving boards, the starter shouted "take your mark!" and then there was a loud thud, which didn't beling to the whistle that was supposed to be blown. so, acting by reflex, a boy dived into the pool. this was followed by 2 others who responded but realised too late, so they fell in. One of them was Keith. All 3 were disqualified. Poor Keith came back to us in rage and in tears. he had been waiting the whole day for this event!

Apparently after the "Take your mark!" you're not supposed to move a muscle. That's the rule. The loud thud, so i heard, was caused by some monkeys playing around with a toy gun. That's an interference, a distraction! they should not disqualify the poor kids! At least give them a second chance. Unfortunately, they were on a one-start rule. sigh...shouldn't little kids be encouraged to get up and try again after a fall?? this is definitely not the way to do that.

Anyway, i had some family dinner on just now. My cousins from Singapore are here. After dinner, we all gathered at my cousin's place for kopi-o. The bigger cousins were talking about my cousin sister's wedding plans. haha no easy task i'd say, to get married. I never knew there were so many things to look into. The guest list, is by far the biggest problem of all. My cousin was like "My boyfriend la...wanna have 30 tables!" and we were trying to outnumber that, so we were thinking of who else can we decide from this side of the family. haha...then there was the place to have it. they'll be having 3 wedding dinners, coz one's for hometown Muar relatives and friends, one's for KL relatives and friends and one more's for Klang relatives and friends.

the discussion heated up more and more as we all gave our 2 cents worth commenting on hotels and restaurants and such. In the end she said "haiya...elope la..." and there was a sudden pin drop silence. then she started laughing....and there were sighs of relief from her parents. :)

weddings...i actually love attending them. apart from the fact that i get to dress up, i also enjoy listening to the bridesmaid and the best man talking about the newly weds. it's so nice listening to their courtship days. haha...

i would definitely want to get married some day. yes, i am one of those girls who believes that life is not complete without a marriage and a family with kids. i would not settle for dying a spinster. i've thought of how my wedding gown would be, i've thought of who i'd elect as my bridesmaid, i've thought of how the wedding should be. Yes, i have. :)

Freakier still is the fact that i've thought of children's names. haha...mostly girl names as i really would like to have daughters. the only boy names i find attractive so far is Dean and Damon. But girl names? the list is endless. haha...

I'm actually really sleepy right now. But for some reason I don't want to sleep. Nope, it's not the kopi-o. It's the feeling that comes only at this hour...

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