Thursday, August 11, 2005

the sedentary college student

Summit is vanishing in front of my eyes! and USJ 2 seems to be a blur. GaH!

The hailstorm caught everyone by surprise. I somehow was pre-warned. I was in my car, waiting outside college for Grace, when suddenly my mum calls up sounding all cautious, "karen come home! i hear thunder! come home before it pours ok!". But i had to send Grace to the KTM station so i told her i'll be home as soon as i could.

5 minutes later she calls again, this time yelling into the phone "Karen! It's raining ice la!! Hey!! ice cubes are falling from the sky!!" and i was in utter disbelief when within seconds i heard loud thuds on my car! Then i saw the ice! Falling one by one on the road as it tapped rhythmically all over my car! All symmetrical in size. To be precise n descriptive, it looked a lot like the kinds u get when u buy soft drinks from a stall, and they scoop the ice up from the bottom of the drink dispenser. The smaller ones, not the big cylindrical kind. I must've gotten carried away coz suddenly my mum's voice came through the phone again and she was urging me to go home! "Come home la girl! Afterwards the ice cubes shatter your windscreen or dent your car! come home come home!" By then i was already on my way to the train station, so i told her i'll be home soon!

After dropping my friend off, still amazed by the magical phenomenon and amused by the irony of it falling in Malaysia and during the haze, my mum called me again. "karen DONT come home! don't come home. trees are FLYing everywhere! literally flying! the roads are littered by tree branches! DON'T come home!!" whatt?? where does she expect me to go then?? Carrefour? haha...i headed home anyway...seeing that i had no where else to go. Driving into SS14 did shock me! Hypothetically, it was as if a tornado had whipped the whole area upside down! serious! Tree branches n trunks were strewn here n there! even the houses had leaves and twigs covering their lawns. It was madness! I had to take several alternative routes to get home. it was that bad! I drove slowly and carefully over branches n twigs, wincing every time i hear a thud or a trrrock! haha....


That was yesterday. Today the view from my window paints an entirely different picture. For one thing Summit is gone! for real. I can't see it AT ALL! and now USJ 2 is vanishing.

I no longer sweat profusely after walking acroos the bridge either to or from college. Instead i stink! I stink of smog. Walking out of college just now i passed by a smoker and i had the intense urge to shove that foul stick down his throat! Like the air isn't bad enough! I think the government should declare smoking permanently banned for the time being. Hey the smoking population of Malaysia is not small ok. If everyone just stopped smoking for like a week, perhaps they can not contribute to the already hazardous situation.

I hope all the races next month are postponed. Including the AXN challenge. :) because as it is, i'm not training at all. i'm eating more now that i'm confined to the four walls of home. and i slouch and slump in front of the TV basically throughout the time i'm at home. yeap. I have adapted the lifestyle of a sedentary college student.

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