Monday, August 15, 2005

i love kids!

What are the things that you enjoy even when no one around you wants to go out and play?

~watching Friends
~writing poems
~thinking to myself
~indulging in mp3s

What lowers your stress/ blood pressure/ anxiety level? Make a list and post it on your blog.

~talking on the phone to my girlfriends
~writing poems
~gim class (yes a little more on this after this)

Tag five friends and ask them to post it on theirs.


p/s: i've been tagged by Kimmy to do this.

i was a substitute gymnastics coach today in Holiday Villa. Mrs Khaw is currently in US right now and she has asked the favour of Regina, Shirlyn and me to look after the little darlings while she was away. Our job specifically: teach the Dirrty Dance. We did this dance as a group of 6 last year. Proudly presented to the shoppers of Subang Parade on Valentine's Day by the RSGs. Dancing in a group of 6 is nothing like dancing in a group of like 20. we had to re-choreograph several dance steps to make it possible for the Grade 2s and 3s to comprehend yet not too simple till it made the grade 4s n 5s look like dorks. It was pretty complicated but we got the thing sorted out....somehow. Anyway, we underestimated the mental capacity of these kids, thinking that it would take more than the given time to teach them the moves. Instead, we finished teaching them almost everything before time was up.

In short, i never had a more fun 1.30pm - 5.00pm time in my life! I really could get used to coaching little girls. I love them. and they seem to love me too. they asked me for my autograph after class! and phone number too! it's hilarious! but they're all so endearing. really...they give me this warm sense of achievement when they're able to show me what i've taught them. it's utter bliss. :) sigh...i'll be seeing them next week. although i have run out of ideas of what to teach them, i look forward to it with nothing short of eagerness and anticipation.

i think my future gym will cater to young kids. and i will personally handle that class.

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