Saturday, July 30, 2005

static shock!

i dreamt last night i had super powers. i had electric powers, static electricity to be exact. so i could lift things up without touching them. i don't know if you've heard of the cartoon on Nick called Static Shock...but yea, i have his powers. haha only thing was i couldn't fly like he could on his static board. i didn't have one. :)

anyway, it was cool while it lasted. i was carrying object after object with my powers, showing off to my mum n dad. my little brother was dead jealous of me. haha...i went out with some friends and tried to show it off to them too, but then my powers wore off. somehow the only way i could recharge myself was to rub my hands against some plastic bag. haha then i had static powers again. it was so cool!

that's one good thing about dreams. they let u experience stuff for a while. i mean, when ure dreaming it, it all feels real right? there was once i used to pray before i sleep, that i would have a dream about someone. (that "someone" being whoever it was i was crushing on at that point la). coz if in real life i could do no more than look at him from a distance, in the dream i'd be able to feel what it's like to be loved by him. my prayers were never answered by the way. :)

though i did have a dream once, where a friend of mine was my boyfriend. it was a surprise considering i didn't pray for that to happen. and i never, in a million years, would have thought of dating that friend of mine. and without a doubt, i woke up feeling weird. even more so when i saw that friend of mine that day. it was just plain weird. for it felt so so real in the dream. like it was a memory, rather than a dream. weird...but comforting in a way.

if i'm not mistaken, it happened again recently, with a totally different person. also another totally unexpected person to be dreaming about. but yea...i didn't quite like it this time. coz i wake up feeling all weird and wrong. the picture was just wrong. haha...

they say dreams are what you wish for in your sleep. i should get someone to monitor my REM when i'm sleeping one day. my dreams can be quite out of this world sometimes.

anyway, back to super powers, i was talking it up with Nick and Ashwin just now, and i think that the power of invisibility is the coolest and if i had that power, i'd hop on the next flight to...well anywhere. :) before i do so, i'd just tease those immigration officers by walking to n fro the censor and letting the beeper off, just for laughs. :) this is solely Ashwin's idea. :)

i wouldn't want to have premonitions coz that's just plain scary. i don't think i can live with seeing flashes of the future, especially if it all involves people dying. i don't think i enjoy setting things on fire, or having imposing strength, or blowing things up. it'll all seem pretty useless to me.

speed, on the other hand, would come in handy. x-ray vision would also seem kinda cool. Flexibility i guess would be fun to have. oh and Wolverine's ability to heal himself is just as cool.

maybe the best power to have would be Rogue's ability to suck other people's powers. haha that way i could have anything. :) college starts next week. when that happens i won't have this much time to think of super powers and comic book characters.

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