Monday, July 04, 2005

g'day from melbourne!

ok gonna KISS coz it's like 11 plus here, and my aunt,uncle, cousins (both from aus n m'sia) are fast asleep! can't blame them. they wake up really early! which actually includes me. ever since i got here i'm up by 8 latest! haha wonders of melbourne air! which is why i currently lack sleep. tmr it'll be worst. waking up at 5 am to catch a bus to Mount Buller!! :)

anyway, melbourne's been great so far!! i love the weather, i love the people, i love their lifestyle, and i love the parks!! winter is great i'm telling u. it's a beautiful time to walk the steets of melbourne city and brave the chilly winds. haha...

Fang has been great! he's been showing me around from day 1 itself. i guess he's quite bored also la but owe him big for taking his time to show me the sights of melbourne city. oh, and the fact that he brings me to great food stops, yum. Ice cream here is heavenly. and eating ice cream on a cold winter day is really really awesome. i've been to lots of places, took lots of pics, will post it up if only i have a usb cable. there, fang, a token of appreciation to yah~! i know u've been waiting for me to blog it!.

bumped into some unexpected people too~! like Ron, who was in utter suprise to see me. apparently i "look SO different". haha and Cheah Siu Fen who surprisingly recalls me, tho only as the gimrama girl under mrs khaw. well, what can i expect la from some Bukit jalil gymnast? haha...then Abby who decides to acknowledge me when i'm miles away from home. haha, k i shall not be mean, she acknowledged me once in Taylor's. nice gurl...:)

meeting up with wei nian and elizabeth was interesting too. since dinner was on wei nian. they're funny hahaa.... Fang's right. i should hang with the 1985 born friends of mine more. haha also met up with rebecca, nick wuong, and nimalan today. went shopping! :)

okla...think that's about it. lovin'it, in a nutshell. more fun n thrill to come~!

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