Saturday, July 16, 2005

i soooo need to...

i sooo need to pack my bag for PD...i need to remember my swimsuit, my goggles (right, have to get from Keith), my helmet, my wrist band, yadda yadda....

i sooo need to train for PD...but yay! it'a 400m swim, 12 k bike, 3 k run! They cut down the swim n bike distance! That i can handle...:)

i sooo need to check my quite a lot to read, and even more to reply (i didn't commit myself enough to replying their emails while i was having so much FUN!)

i sooo need to sleep.

there's a billion things i wanna say, a billion things i wanna do, but time's ticking away and eventhough the sprint is just a friendly event for me, i really don't wanna end up crawling to the finish, or having my butt brought back by St Johns. and i don't wanna end up puking either. so sleep is vital for recuperation.

though i can just imagine myself staring into the dark room after i switch off the lights. there's just too much hype in me....a lot of things running through my head, and a lot of emotions running through my heart.

i sooo need to berpuisi right now too...

i sooo need to call up Ju and Lyn and tell them everything.

i sooo need to talk to a friend...and just...spill.

i sooo need to get a grip.

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