Sunday, July 24, 2005

tan shirlyn!


hehe sorry...just missing my best friend here. i haven't seen her since...i came home from Melbourne. no wait, i didn't see her before that either. i haven't seen her since...since the MNG shopping escapade!

man...i miss her so much. i just heard the song Friends Forever by the Thunderbugs and the thought of her crossed my mind. i used that song for a poerpoint slideshow i made for her during her last birthday.

there's so much i want to tell her. and there's so much i want her opinion in. and there's so much i want to hear about her clubbing experience, her Redang honeymoon and everything else that took place when i wasn't around. i just wanna talk to her so much right now.

which makes me wonder how i'll make it with her all the way in Glasgow approximately 1.5 years from now. her being in bukit jalil is enough to make me call her on a weekly basis. darn...i'm so gonna miss her when she goes abroad.

i know friendships are usually diluted after a while. and we make new friends as we go along. but so far lyn and i have remained close friends. and very honestly, i don't want to make a new best friend. not now not ever.


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