Thursday, July 21, 2005

i love scoreboards!

Finally the results are out! and all on the same day too! what a pleasant coincidence! ahhaha i swear, my day just got better. :)

PD International Triathlon:
Sprint Event
Olympic Distance

New Balance Pacesetters 15km

little keith practically pounced on me to pry me away from my pc to check his results. the kid did great! his team got 7th place in the men's relay. men categories have always been so freaking competitive. sigh...i'm so lucky to be a girl...:) keith is so gonna grow up to be some super swimmer, super triathlete! ahaha i, as his jiejie, shall see to it that my little bro is a hustler! :)

anyway, i'd first tri sprint was quite astounding! ahah considering i've had altogether 2 swim trainings in total. each only 500m of breaststroke. ahah yea man, i was doing breaststroke like ALL the way! and yet, i still got kicked in the face! the salt water was bluekzzz.....but i take pride in saying i was NOT LAST eventhough i touched down from Melbourne a mere 19 hours before the race! haha...but i was checking out the Girls Under 12 category, and i realised, that if i were put in that category, i WOULD be last. no kidding. the kids were good! hardcore!

the relay event was nice too. nothing beats running in the rain. seriously...getting 4th place is...well unbelievable for me. however, i pity Joey. he looked so disappointed when we didn't get 3rd. sorry he had to be teamed up with me. i gave it my best! but with people like Daniel Bego and Khoo Chai Lin in the same category...sigh...

and as for the NB 15 k run? i've got no complaints. my timing improved. my position improved in the open category, all categories and overall. i'm a happy runner. :)

i miss my camera. i've been using my cousin's Kodak for a while, and i've got some pretty good shots in it. it's just too bad Kodak must have their ingenius port that is unique to all other cameras. so i can't transfer the pics to my pc. i don't know how i'm going to. anybody who has an SD card reader who is kind and willing to do it for me? *grins widely*

i'm falling sick. my throat's itchy, my nose is runny, my head feels hot. it's a sign. college reopening is a health hazard!

i climbed bukit gasing this morning and i realised, painfully, that i've not 100% recuperated from PD tri. my thigh muscles ached like hell! the 2 medic students were waay waaaaay fitter than i am. haha...kudos to Puv n Fu Wen!

aightz...i'm half dead right now. despite the fact i slept close to 4 hours this afternoon, my head feels like a hundred kilos. i'm a sick happy runner....:)

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