Thursday, July 28, 2005

just dance!

dancing, it appears, is more therapeutic than running. i went for dance class today and it was wicked! we had our evaluation for Bronze level. given the fact that i remembered only 60% of my dance routine, i was all nervous. and we had 2 dances to do, a fast hip-hop and a slow lyrical jazz. my dance instructor, being as creative as she is, decided to change the rules a bit for the evaluation. we were to do a freestyle dance to whatever song she decides to play. i swear the woman wanted to train us to club! so what did i do? i threw in the beginning of my Dirrty dance i did for gim, with some steps of my Genie in a Bottle dance i did for the Interact IU, and finished with my trademark gimrama pose. voila! a freestyle dance for you. *clap clap* thank you thank you...:)

my evaluation form reads good comments. i had the word "good" in various places such as "good strong footwork" and "good body coordination". of course, i didn't learn 8 years of rhythmic gymnastics to not have good body coordination and footwork! muahahaha

ok enough of my gloating. i finally met Shakti today after 5 weeks of hols. the gurl, being a celeb following the Hitz Cruisers throughout yesterday, got me 6 passes to the Rexona No Sweat Challenge finals and 2 tickets to watch Malaysian Idol. The Malaysian Idol tics are for 1 person only, for 2 days. i don't think i'd enjoy watching poor ambitious people crooning to malay songs being dissed by a Simon Cowell wannabe alone. so, the tics are up for grabs! :) as for the Rexona thingy, who wants to follow me?? i think i should state the details:

Rexona No Sweat Challenge
30th July 2005
4-8 pm
Orange Dance Club KL

Malaysian Idol
29th & 31st July 2005
8.30 pm & 9 pm
Sri Pentas 2 Shah Alam call me. :) my friend Dora just informed me of a dance class in Metropolitan whereby they'll be performing for Merdeka Day and she has asked me to join them! woohoo~! and the Metro cheer squad are recruiting newbies! and there's an Inti Sports Day coming up!! i am soooo looking forward to sem 2! and to think i was gonna dread it coz of my crappy time table. i could bear with 4 months of back-to-back-lunch-sacrificing-lectures, if in between i get to dance in honour of my country, jump around in a mini skirt, and run for my college!! now that's how college is supposed to be!
*sings* can i get a yeeee-haaaa!!!

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