Friday, July 08, 2005

big bright 500V lamp

i'm recounting my steps to several weeks back, when my mum decided to let my cousin n her boyfriend so-called escort me to Melbourne. i'm wondering's not that i don't enjoy their company. i do. haha i never actually mingled with them so much before, and they can be pretty entertaining sometimes. but the question is, are they enjoying mine??

it seems as though i'm the 500v lamp that shines ever so brightly in the room. being the lamp-post is harder than i thought. first it's the sleeping arrangement. a slightly more conservative thinking has led my aunt into making me sleep with my cousin on one bed and her boyfriend on another by himself. even when we stayed out, this arrangement stuck. now i trust they won't do anything silly if they were put on the same bed, so why the awkward position? i either sleep first or last, to make sure they get some time to themselves.

next is photo taking. the couple are nice people. they wouldn't want to make me their photographer or anything so the gentleman often offers to snap pics of us girls. and i always offer to take their photo for them, but there's always the polite "nvmla..." feels funny really. i feel funny. sometimes i'll be caught in the center of the both of them when a picture is taken. i don't even know how that happened.

and many other things which i shall choose not to elaborate. the point is, i feel weird. and undoubtly out of place at times. i'd be lying if i said i won't feel better once they leave this sunday. but saying that sounds mean n conceited. now why can't i just have my own boyfriend tagging along with me right now? haha *sings* wouldn't it be nicee...

anywho, Melbourne has been great. as a tourist, their attractions are definitely worth visiting, from a scenic trip right down to having senseless fun. it's been really really fun so far. only one thing to complain about. the time. thoe whole 8am - 5pm day isn't really working for me. and bathing n going to the toilet. anything which involves touching my bare skin on anything less than warm. it's starting to be quite a chore. haha...

all's fun. but the tiang lampu thing? well, apart from making me uncomfortable, it's making me feel very lonely. had a lot of thinking time just now...and i figured that things aren't gonna work out for the best. i'm gonna have to pick myself up and carry on my voyage. i should start climbing again...i know i suck at it, but at least i get to feast my eyes...:)

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