Friday, July 01, 2005

all my bags are packed...

my camera decides to bail on me the day before i leave for Melbourne. how nice. something's wrong with it's processor, according to the guy at the shop. of all things! the camera is like a tourist's essential! thank God, my cousin was willing to loan me hers. so, i'm all set to capture Melbourne in tiny piece called the sd card and bring it home with me!

i think my bag's too full. there's no allowance for things-bought-in-melbourne. but i'm not willing to leave anything behind. my Melbourne escapade has gotta be perfect! tsk tsk...dilemma....

i saw weng lum for the last time tonight. won't be seeing him till september! gawd that's long. unless he decides to come back once in a while la. but's a long time! I'll miss u weng lum! i know we have our fair share of squabbles...more than a fair share i would say...but like u said, it's what keeps us friends. haha the guy's got a place in my heart man. so yea...take care weng lum! see you soon! hopefully you put on some weight, instead of disappearing into thin air!

will miss julie too. dun worry, nothing will happen to u gurl. not this time. siew ghee gave me his word. :) i'll have easy access to the internet too. so just drop me a mail when u feel like pouring your heart out. :) *hugs*

it's only 2 weeks. and yet i feel
like my best friend's getting distant
like i won't see some friends again in a long long time
like i'm facing a whole new world
like it'll be nothing like i expect it to be
why do i feel like my leaving this time has such a big impact?

see u Malaysians in 2 weeks time!

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