Thursday, June 30, 2005

being vain

my hair currently gives out an eye-opening aroma which is a unique combination of very concentrated ammonia, mixed with the arousing smell of sweat, seasoned with the smell of really dusty and old carpets, and topped with the odour of a mamak stall.

ahha...why the detailed description? i just straightenned my hair. yea so u see i'm not supposed to wash it for 3 days. and today i went climbing at Bukit Gasing (hence the sweaty stench) and i was coaching the Assuntarian little gymnasts (hence the dusty old carpet) hehe...i was supposed to wait till at least it goes below my shoulder, but i couldn't stand it. me hair was already a tie-able length...and thus it was getting out of hand. and the beautiful Malaysian weather doesn't contribute much. so i got it done yesterday. and without a doubt, i LOVE it. haha i always loved straight hair no matter what you all say. :)

ok enough about my vanity. my first coaching experience was quite amusing. firstly my...ahem..."students" were about 7-9 years old. they were adorable. next, they weren't really good at what they were doing, which made me more comfortable, considering i'm neither a qualified coach nor am i some gymnastics star. mrs khaw prepared me pretty well with the list of elements and things to do with little gymnasts. so i had fun teaching them to do things like cat jumps with the rope, polka steps with the ball, throws, arches and stuff. the girls kept asking me if i was coming back next week. and i said no. then they asked "are you coming back next next week? and i said "no" and then they asked "how about next next next week?" and then i started laughing and said "i'm not coming back anymore". haiyo...i actually felt sad to see them look so disappointed.

then it was time to end the class. the little girls stood in one row, they did that gymnast curtsy thing as they crooned "thank you, miss karen". and i went "thank you girls" and all of a sudden, the girls rushed at me and hugged me till i lost my balance! ahahah...i was overwhelmed! sigh...i so wanna be a coach now...:)

next on my agenda today was Bukit Gasing with Keeran and Beatrice. It was cool! Keeran brought us to some new route, and we ended up high up on some hill where we can view to whole of KL! i kept on wondering how cool it would've looked if it was at night. and then i started to ponder about who i'd bring up there to view that sight with me. haha...

*ponders for a while*

dance class was undoubtly fun as usual. the new dance we learnt was sooo cool! so much so i totally forgot to inform them that i won't be there for 2 weeks! oops...and the fact that i have to renew my fees, and get RM10 back from Hui Chia. haha i don't even have hui chia's number. how how?? haha...and i think next next week's evaluation..dratss...

supper with soon seng and jackie was interesting. haha...a funny mix, me, soon seng and jackie. but it was nice to talk to the people i could always rely upon back in the days of school.

alright...i'm done for tonight...tomorrow would be another long long day. i better finish packing tomorrow. haha...g'nitez!

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