Friday, June 24, 2005

good ol' shopping

went for good ol' shopping with Lyn today. haha it was nice. i didn't spend all that much. pretty happy with what i got. I can't remember the last time i was in 1 utama. i was there from 11.30 am - 5.30 pm! haha imagine that! 6 hours of shopping! haha of course there was lunch which took up an hour...:) but still...

the funny thing was our main target was the MNG sale. when we reached 1U we saw many ladies walking around with a Mango shopping bag. we were so excited to find Mango and when we saw the big SALE sign we were ecstatic! However, I think i walked around the shop for about half an hour and found nothing suitable! it's just not cheap enough! their clothes are far too plain for the price they're charging. not that the quality was of any better than that of the clothes in other stores. the fashion was totally off! the nice ones are too darn expensive. Lyn tried on some tube tops and found them to be really nice, but a tad too indecent. so we walked out of the place empty handed, and amused by the fact that every woman can find herself things to buy in MNG except us.

walking by Island shop some time later, we saw a mannequin dressed in 2 layers of tube tops and it suddenly gave Shirlyn the idea of wearing them that way. So we headed back into Mango for a second time. The crowd was double by this time. Fitting rooms had a long queue. clothes were strewn all over the place in all the wrong shelves and racks. searching for the tops she tried on were as good as searching for a needle in a haystack. so, after 15 minutes of ransacking through piles and piles of clothes, we walked out of the grand MNG sale once more, empty handed. haha...

we bumped into Khai Yong! He was with his girlfriend. i haven't seen him since the days i'd follow puvesh's class out for lunch during SAM. i totally forgot he knew Eng Han. He didn't know Eng Han was back, so i told him to call Eng Han up. haha...

to sum up my shopping escapade today, i added a pair of khaki draw string pants from FOS to my wardrobe, a pair of funky earrings to my accessories, a Maybeline lipliner, and thankfully, not a very large dent to my wallet. :)

on some other random things, Yong Chihui is running in my category for SJ10K! nooooo! Chihui is the runner of smksj. she was only the idol of my eye when it came to sports. i never forgot the day i witnessed her 4x400m event! she was the 4th runner, her teammates were kinda slacking behind. She took a 4th place to a first place! And it's the fact that she did it with such ease that impressed me. she was good! she climbed Mt Kinabalu at age 12. and that was the first of many other trips she has made to Kinabalu. Her dad's running with my dad. so it's the Siahs against the Yongs this year! May the best runner win!

oh! and Mrs Khaw called me up today. she has something for me to do. she wants me to coach little gymnasts in Assunta for a day! haha that is so cool~! i'm nervous though. how do i coach gymnasts? i'm totally unqualified! and Mrs Rama (the original coach) called me up and told me Sarina Sunderarajah was coaching there too! I am like uber amaetur next to Sarina. How am i gonna coach them without looking like a complete fool even to a bunch of little gymnasts? thank God it's only for a day~! Mrs Khaw better prepare me. I need to go to Villa tmr to get guidance. :)

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