Wednesday, June 08, 2005

i love my daddy...

haha still can't believe i was in debt for 3 month's subscription fees to Streamyx. it's funny coz my family pretty much never forgets to pay. i'm serious. even with the multiple tuition i had back in school, and the amount of activities i participated in, and the amount of commitments i involve myself in, my mum keeps track of all fees incurred. maybe paying the Streamyx bill is the one and only responsibility she laden me with and see how that turned out! ahah...kk...shall be more bertanggungjawab from now on. :)

i have 5 days left till finals! ahhhh!! i haven't even touched a single page in my Econs. a single page in any book for that matter! how many times have i set the alarm at 8 to wake up n study and how many times did i switch it off and fall right back into deep slumber under the covers. tsk tsk...curse the pathetic will power in me. i better not screw this up...RM40,000 worth of scholarship at stake.

i watched When Harry Met Sally that day. It's a beautiful story. Love it so much! Billy Crystal was hilarious! and Meg Ryan was so beautiful. I think that is my 2nd favourite romantic comedy. First is none other than Serendipity of course. so i'm a sucker for romance. I love it when 2 people are just right for each other. It makes everything seem like God has someone for eveyone. :)

then just now i watched MXP - Most Xtreme Primate. it's a pretty simple story but the chimp's so cute! i think if i ever get myself a pet, it would be a chimp! ahah wouldn't it be great? they're so cute! top this 100% fully non-sensical post, let me enlighten you with my modelling class endeavours so far. the first class was interesting. i have 3 pages filled with what sorta corrector kit to purchase, sketches of the make up brushes i need, sketches of my 3-inch stilletos, and how to conceal eye bags. haha this is so not me! but i'm having fun anyway. then on monday Ju accompanied me there again, though i left her in Times Square. I went for a make up consultation. To see what sort of colours i should get and all. And the total sum was RM600!! hey, this is the 3rd price she quoted me, after slashing out certain not-so-necessary products. It's crazy. I paid her RM200 for deposit and that was the pit of my money box. no more cash for the rest of June.

Didn't really dare tell my parents about it, but i eventually spilled everything out. They reacted rather calmly, with minimal gasps at first. Then my dad gave me RM350 on the spot. i feel so bad for taking his money. Thank God, i didn't use his credit card to buy him his own Father's Day present, which was the Trump book entitled How To Get Rich. The next day he gave me RM50 again.
I hereby vow to pay him back RM400 cash in kind when i have the ability to do so...or forever shall i be in debt to him.
I love my daddy...:)

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