Thursday, June 23, 2005

Cool Town Junior High

Keryl Leane? Jennifer Tiller? Ring any bells?

haha...i think only those who were in my circle of friends in the year 2002 would know what i'm talking about. heck, i think even they themselves won't recall it. i myself didn't.

on my mission to search for my missing Leo badges (which i still can't seem to find) i stumbled across some pretty interesting stuff. I found lots of gizmos which i was too stubborn to part with, some greeting cards which really touched me, and loads of nonsense which i just failed to discard probably because keeping them would be an easier option. haha...well, among my burried treasures i stumbled across this book. I think Ven Nee gave it to me. i vaguely remember the image of it. But my mind never registered the memory of whatever contents it seemed to hold. how could i have totally forgotten about it?

it was my self authored novel! Well, it was intended to be at least. The first page really caught my eye. It was a list of all the "cast" that were in the story, Cool Town Junior High. They were none other than my friends! The silliest part of it was we all had funky american names!!'s soooo funny....the story was even worse! i had super bad creativity. my sentences vary as much as the lines of a nursery rhyme, my grammar was so-so, my vocabulary was that of a...well, a 16 year old! it's just so hilarious, i wanna laugh out loud at every dumb sentence i wrote back then. which was pretty much every sentence i had in there till chapter 3. i stopped after that. wonder what happened...

anyway, see if you can geuss who's who:
Keryl Leane
Jennifer Tiller
Rachel Joan
Mark De Jeniro
Ethan Spencer
Zoey Leane
Christine Louise
Brian Stampson
Damon Carsillas
Melanie Anders
David Prinze
Mary Hart
Reena Belles
Chloe Wilson
Jean Black
Natsumi Takizawa
Vincent Morris
Kobe Danny
Sean Maxmillon
Justin Jeremy
Lex Nathan

interesting names huh? It's very much based on Sweet Valley i think. Keryl Leane and Zoey Leane are obviously the sisters. Natsumi Takizawa is probably some japanese exchange student. ahhaha...oh and Keryl has a huge crush on Damon, and Melanie on Brian. Mary and David are a couple. i wonder if i ever let anyone read this. some parts of it may be taken to be offensive i think. haha...i don't know....but it's open to everyone right now. just keep an open mind...i was 16! haha

i didn't write long enough to mention every name. so some of the characters i'm still uncertain of their actual role. i wonder what plans i had installed for them at that time. haha....

anyway...i still can't find my badges. I took them off my blazer simply because i loaned my blazer to Cinvin. Where the hell did i put those badges? i vaguely remember Dickson passing them to me in Taylor's. Meaning to say i must've passed them to Cinvin still pinned onto my blazer. She returned them to me in a plastic bag. where issit?? something please jolt my memory!! those badges cost me a fortune~!

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