Wednesday, June 15, 2005

part of your world

I don't know when...
I don't know how...
But i know something's starting right now...
what would i be...wish i could be...
part of your world...

for as long as i've known you
i don't think i've ever felt this way
just feeling the way that i do
and what more, almost everyday

i've never had to think twice
before i utter my words to you
i've never had to put on a disguise
before i show up in front of you

i've never had to worry how i act
just so you'd think that that's me
i've never had to fret over how to react
once you start to talk to me

but then again...

i've never wanted to talk to you
for the umpteenth time of the day
i've never wanted to listen to you
to all that you have to say

i've never wanted to see you
any more than i do now
i've never tried to picture me and you
i've never wondered how

i've never wanted to say to you
things i've never thought i'd say
i've never wanted to be with you
more and more each day


i've never felt such insecurity
about the way you feel about me
i've never felt such worry
should you go for someone else but me

i've never felt so disappointed
when you mention another name
i've never felt so frustrated
when things didn't seem the same

i wasn't supposed to blog. but i was surfin around...refusing to hit my Law book coz i have a one day break tomorrow to do that, and i checked the clock...11.45 pm. so early! i have nothing else to do! people have already started to go offline. who i wanted to talk to isn't talking to me. i even helped a friend fix his blog. what else is there to do? hehe...

anyway, i've got 2 more papers to go!! one on Thursday and one next Monday! haha...can't wait till it's over. i really really don't know how i went through SPM last time. 10 subjects, over 15 papers, month long exam...gawd how did i survive? haha now 4 papers and i'm whinning...:)

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