Thursday, June 09, 2005

*head over feet*

I want to get a tattoo. I want one on the side of my right leg just above my ankle, facing out. It shall be some swirly twirly font which forms a sophisticated word which represent me in a nutshell. which I'm yet to find. If not then i'll just settle for my own name. then if possible i'd like another one on my left leg, just above my ankle facing in. this shall be some chinese writing of that sophisticated word, or my own name. it'll be an either or situation. Like say if on my right leg it's my name, then on my left leg it'll be that sophisticated word. and vice versa. :)

reason being, 2 of my dance classmates got themselves a tattoo each. actually that's just the reason of my typing it out tonight. I've always wanted a tattoo. and i've always liked Mel C's ni li. But then that's too old school already so i figured something more posh and modern. any idea what may just shout out Karen Siah in one word??

anyway, my house was like some rendezvous just now. haha so good to see Mr. Ng after so long! and i can finally place a vision to everything Kimmy mentioned. haha well thanks for dropping by eng han! and thanks siew ghee for being such good accompaniment.

after that Ju came to pass me some magazines for my modelling class homework. Then Weng Lum, Daniel and Han Yang came to collect 25 bucks from moi! haha Daniel drove!! you know what's funny about the whole situation? i just felt like looking at those 3 boys, shake my head caringly and go "tsk tsk tai kor zhai lorr". reason being I used to fetch them like all the time. including Kenny. and now they're driving to my house! ahahha...

went to Hua's house for short tete a tete. and now I'm back, downloading past yr papers, intending to at least attempt them tonight, since tomorrow morning's training is pushed to the afternoon.

so wish me luck! no...actually wish me will power and determination! :)

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