Saturday, June 18, 2005


not like i really need a diversion from my studies right now. since i was pretty much diverged throughout the day. but heck...

i went shoe shopping today. alone. in pyramid. it's weird. i've never gone shopping alone before. i mean i occassionally walk away from my parents if we go to some mall or something, but i've never actually driven myself alone to a place with the primary intention to shop. anyway, i bumped into Suet Wen. which was greaat! especially when she said she was free and could accompany me for as long as i wanted her to! aha! she gave pretty constructive comments on the heels i was trying out. so i finally got my 3 inch stilletos! ahahah...

then she brought me to see Melisa Othman. I wasn't exactly very keen to see her, since she wasn't very fond of me back in school. but i guess it was all in the past and we can all act like mature civilised pre-adults. hehe...she was working in Yves Rocher. And she looked pretty good. Still fair, prim and dainty as she was before. :) She just got out of matriks. Thinking of doing some science degree next time.

then we had Coffee Bean. yumm...i had the new Pomegranate Blueberry Ice Blended with Choc swirl cheesecake. I so pampered myself today. Not that i deserved it. haha...but it was nice catching up with suet wen.

then i watched You Got Mail. Vcd...julie's. it was my idea. i had this sudden craving for a romantic movie. haha...anyway, it was nice. left me with the whole siggghhhhhh feeling. haha....after that we adjourned to Rafi's where we had plans to meet up with Jackie! Mei Huei, Wen Ching and Kuan Han was there as well. We dragged Siew Ghee out too. Also another productive catching up session.

and now i'm back home....contemplating if i should redeem myself by starting my IS revision like i told my mum i would. haha i am kinda sleepy. seela...if i sleep now maybe i can wake up tomorrow to do some.

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