Tuesday, June 21, 2005

it's a holi-holiday!

as of now...i have precisely 1 month and 10 days of obligation-free holidays! yeah baby!! i think i didn't exactly do very well during the finals. i think i could've done better. but nope...was too darn lazy to start studying. so i pretty much had about 5-10 hours of studying only for each paper on the day before the exam. haha...talk about the eleventh hour man! gawd i really need to change this attitude of mine. I just pray that i pass all those papers. i do NOT want to resit any of it. anyway, like Ashwin said, no turning back! Right now....it's a holi-holiday!!

what did i do to so-called celebrate my liberty? i spent close to 1 and a half hours on the train to KL, stayed there for barely 30 minutes, then another 1 and a half hours on a train back to Subang. then i had the much yearned for lunch with my mummy at 2 pm. then, i spent close to 4 hours sleeping my afternoon away! haha oh yea...eng han called to get me to go jogging then swimming in shah alam. I'd love to...but today's Monday! Monday's guest day in Lakeview and i promised i'd go with my dad to swim there. Monday's daddy's girl night. :) so please invite me once more, i promise the next time i'll go! ahah

my dad just exchanged AUD 800 for me. Spending money for melbourne. 800 bucks! gosh...i really really need to get an ATM card. need to repay him the RM400 bucks he gave me for the makeup. i'm starting to regret purchasing the darn makeup. it's so freaking expensive! gawd...i really really hope i get called for shoots n stuff next time.

it's the first day of my semester break and i'm lost for words. literally. i need to get a life.

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