Wednesday, June 01, 2005

can't believe

i was gonna settle for a poem but i'm too excited to think of rhyming words...

this morning i went for the trial run in Technology Park Malaysia, which is where Apiit is. The MAPCU road relay distance is 2.5km per runner, but the route was hilly and pretty challenging. And my teammates? well i kinda expected better. But maybe on that day they'll perform...under pressure maybe? haha...i just hope that fitness first guy can run well. we have got to bag something for Metro!

in the afternoon i went with my gurl Ju to KL. Of course there was Matthew and Tee Tzin who surprisingly tagged along spontaneously. haha...quite funny la. anyway we went via KTM and Monorail. Went to Jalan Raja Chulan because i had some modelling audition to go for. yea u can start laughing now. :)

so i went! TFS Creative. that's the agency. It's a talent firm she says. I went for an interview. she showed me a really amazing portfolio. then she explained everything to me. apparently i was selected to be groomed. yes. here's the deal.
- 6 class course. 1.5 hours per class. all on saturdays.
- it's FOC. apparently they're sponsoring me RM2000 for the course.
- if i skip just ONE class i have to pay them RM2000.
- the only thing i have to provide myself with (in other words pay for myself) are 3 things.
1. casual clothes. this shouldn't be a problem. my cupboards full of it.
2. a 3 inch pair of stilletos
3. make up. not just any kind. camera shooting kind. which means thick make up. thick expensive make up. in fact, they already stated the brands i have to get them from, and it's gonna cost me about 350-800 bucks. i forgot the brand names btw.
- i get a cert at the end of the 6th class and i can get myself modelling jobs with it.
- i'll be TFS's free lance model

yea...i personally think it's a good bargain. coz their portfolio? they had copies of receipts there which states how much they pay their clients and non is less than RM3000! for just a photoshoot! if it's a TV commercial, then it is RM8000-RM11000. talk about big cash! all i got to do is land myself one photoshoot offer and it would be enough to cover all my costs plus spending money!

1. it's in KL. which means i'll have to either drive there (expensive parking, cost of petrol) or sit the train there like i did today (it's RM7.40 in total to and fro per day. which adds up to ~RM45 for 6 days) only i'll be alone.
2. the makeup. why should make up cost so much?? i dunno. mum and dad already gave me the green light. I'm very keen also. who wouldn't be? haha but then again, people advising me to check out more about the company and stuff. i will i will. but if all's good, and there really is no strings attached, do u think it's a good offer?

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Anonymous said...


I was called to write this based on my own experience when i read CLEO mag's May issue of 2005. The article was about scams and business tricks that some parties are pulling nowadays. There was this small column about modeling boguses and when I read through I realized that I happen to know what they were talking bout. Juz to inform other girls out there, TFS CREATIVE SDN. BHD. Is NOT a modeling agency like they claim to be. It’s all BULLSHIT! The story goes when so-called talent-scouts approaches eager, innocent young girls (esp when there r no boys or family around you) in MYSPACE (yep, it’s true), shopping malls and other social networking websites (I’ve asked other girl about this). Then they’ll ask for ur number (preferably handphone) and say that someone will contact you in a few days. Oh yes, they did. You will then have to make an appointment with them and you’ll have to come to WISMA GOLDHILL in Raja Chulan, KL. When I arrived there wit ma mom, I realized ‘twas not a production house or stuff but a fucking office. There were few other girls waiting their turn for the “consultation”.

So when I was called into one of the offices, this hip, short-haired girl intro’d herself as Lea Dato’ Wan (I’m soo evil giving her real name...huhuhu). She ran through the whole thing, took my height and weight and skin condition (konon pro laa) and confidently asked me to sign a contract. I was hesitant but my mum asked me to juz sign (thanks a lot mum). It’s stated there that I have to go through a course of grooming classes and deportment of model potential (ahahaha..gelak golek golek). It’s for free but in one class you’ll learn bout make-up application so I’d have to buy the cosmetics from them which kononnye will cost round rm200-300 only (yea right!). If I break the contract I’ll be fined rm2000.

So I went to the classes. The first one was ok but after the third one something doesn’t seem right. I’m not trying to be bitchy but some people just does not have the potential (ok, now I sound like a bitch). But this is seriously speaking lah. So when twas time for the make-up consultation plak they asked me to buy either Bobbi Brown or Beverly Hills. They tested those stuff for compatibility on my skin then they said I’d have to take Beverly Hills (damn you Lea! I wanted Bobbi fucking Brown). Ok fine (but I still get to keep the make-up..yeay!). The total was around rm800 (told yea…rm200 lah sangat).

So every week they’ll deport around 30 new girls. Bayangkanlah, how many girls are there as competition? Ramai gile weyy..then there were 6 classes…blab la bla yadda yacketty yack (to make it short).. It was all just a modeling works after that, so far I haven’t heard of any from the others as well…so papehal if you wanna do modeling go for a legit companies and if they ask you for cash before-hand tell them to go fuck themselves and cabut bulu hidung trade it wit gold (dah start merepek dah). I just feel the responsibilities to inform other girls lah..