Monday, May 30, 2005


despite the 3 hour sleep i got, i tore myself up from bed to the shrieking sound of my alarm clock this morning at 8.30. for what? to go to church. haha i know weng lum's gonna think i'm mad. :)

well, i thought i was also at that moment. I was soooo reluctant to go. but then i refused her invitation once, it'll be mean if i refused it again. so yea i went. and i'm so glad i did! ahah ot was good. really it was. the pastor was amazing! haha he was a really really good speaker. Made a LOT of sense. he had a very different approach to his preaching. no offense to my Christian friends but i feel sometimes Christians push too hard when preaching. and they probably don't realise it but sometimes they tend to say it in a way like no one else will go to heaven except for Christians. which is not what we were taught. we were taught that good people go to heaven. Sometimes Christians make it sound like a man can kill, and redeem himself by accepting Christ, but a do-gooder all his life might go to hell just coz he's Buddhist? doesn't make sense right?

well, this Pastor made a lot of sense. he was saying, sure accepting Christ will cleanse you of your sins. But you too must make an effort to stay clean. He says if you have strong faith in God, strong believe in God, then you won't sin again deliberately. Coz you know that it is against the bible. afterall, the bible says to sin is vanity. it's futile. pointless.

smoking, drinking...apparently it's all against the bible. a staunch faithful Christian, technically, is not allowed to smoke. hmm or should we put it as should not smoke. and drink. excessively i guess. :)

yea...i used to wonder why most of the Christians I knew were the "naughtier" ones in school. seriously they were. I mean maybe they have this thinking that, all their sins would be washed away after sunday after all.

anyway, i really liked his approach. and i was truly touched by his entire speech. ahaha but no, i did not accept Christ. hehe I believe in God. I'm a free thinker, not an atheist. and i prefer to stay that way. :)

so i thank Ivy for dragging me there. it was great, i sincerely admit. but let's not make it a weekly affair now shall we?

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