Wednesday, May 04, 2005

* p o r p o r *

por por,
remember when u stayed in Muar?
and we would go down during Chinese New Year?
i used to whine and complain in the car
because the journey seemed to take forever

but the car sickness usually disappears
the moment i reach your house
and when the image of you appears
and the smells of various cooked food arouse

remember that old creaky swing
perched right next to the big old tree?
i used to hop onto the swing and sing
and candles and lanterns lit up the tree so brightly

remember when u shift down here with Sui Ku
and started boiling soup for me?
i could always tell when it's boiled by you
when i compared it with the one at home, it was always far more tasty

remember when you decided to give us gold pendants
instead of ang paus one Chinese New Year?
where each grandchild got their own animal descendants
i still wear that every year

remember when u used to give me that new RM2 note?
and i would refuse to use it?
same thing happened with the new RM5 note
i still prefer to keep it

remember when i told u i love tong sui
and then u started boiling them all the time
and invite us over for a try
that's when all relatives are 'combined'

remember when u got admitted into the hospital then?
and i first gave you my prayer bear?
i can still recall your reaction to that event
i still feel so happy seeing the bear there

i cannot say how scared i was
when mummy said your capillary had been broken
and when i went to see the cause
and saw your whole arm swollen

i felt so worried when i came home that night
that i prayed with all my heart
hoping that God would make things right
hoping He wouldn't have to make us part

i prayed so hard for you to heal
for you to grow stronger every day
somehow these things are hard for me to deal
and out of fear, all i can do is pray

i know that you will improve
and you will be out of there soon enough
right now i need you to prove
that you can be strong inside when times are tough

please make an effort to get well
try to think more positively
on the negative aspects u shouldn't dwell
you'll see better times eventually...

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