Monday, May 02, 2005

sweaty pig...

yes yes...i know...pigs don't sweat. they don't have sweat glands. but this one does. and she's sweating like nobody's business. =)

another reason to why my sweat glands are working overtime, apart from this annoying heat wave, could be my high metabolic rate right now. considering the amount of calories i burnt today braving the lushes greens (i am soo exaggerating) of Bukit Gasing. It was undisputedly enjoyable. :) My friends seemed to have fun so I guess it's all good. :) only sad part was my lil bro keith who wasn't really in optimum state of health. He had some food poisoning from a McD chocolate sundae which we had in the ss15 drive thru (i am so giving them bad rep). haha so yea he was in a stomach ache turmoil. Poor fella. I pity him but i am so proud that he completed the whole course of Bukit Gasing even with a bad tummy. Good job boy!

Oh then it was dance class at night in Dance World Taipan. oooh i lurve dancing!

so, i think after what i did today, i so deserve my roast chicken wings in Asia Cafe. BUT, duty calls. My econs essay is almost completed. My word count is standing at 779 while the requirement is 1000-1200 words. i should be able to finish that by tmr. :)

ok...perhaps the fact that it is that awful time of the month in a girl's life somewhat contributed to my whole sweat frenzy today. They always say crazy things happen during that time. i only wish the pain's a little more bearable in such a heat wave.

argh...the cramps...that's it...i'm going to bed...

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