Saturday, April 30, 2005

* h e *

he shall love to run
or play a sport or two
he shall not mind the sun
or walking far distances too

he shall write me poetry
or at least he shall try
he shall recite them sportingly
no he shall not be shy

he shall not buy me flowers
but instead handpick them
surprises, thoughtfulness he showers
on me, and he'll show wisdom

he shall attempt cooking up
a dish of my favourite kind
and little details that i fess up
he shall keep in mind

he shall drop by when he's free
without a message or a call
just coz he knows it surprises me
and i wouldn't mind at all

he shall be ever encouraging
in all the things i do
and he should be ever knowing
i'd do the same for him too

he shall joke to make me laugh
and he wouldn't even have to try
he shall help me with all my stuff
and he wouldn't even ask why

and i shall have no difficulty
in loving a guy such as he
because most importantly
he shall love me for me

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