Saturday, April 30, 2005

hehe...i was cracking my head for a nice humble way to put it but somehow i just lack the appropriate words. so i'm just gonna thicken my skin up a bit and declare that i just got the Star EduFund!!'s something to be proud of right?

was very surprised to get it since i was talking a bunch of crap during the interview but if i was able to convince all voices down to the Perception of Truth. :) anyway, i have a few things to consider though. i'm weighing out the pros and cons of accpething the fund. first of all, i think it's for the 3+0 course. So if i take it, it means byebye Curtin, Perth for me. And it also means no majoring in PR as well, since PR's not offered here in full. So i might have to switch majors and i'm not exactly known for doing well in something i dun really like. But anyhow, by accepting it, i save my parents roughly RM45000 worth of tuition fees. which is a hefty sum to be rid off their burden pile. so yea, i might have to sit down and discuss it with my parents. :)

my neighbour got robbed yesterday. 2 houses away from mine. apparently, according to my maid, the robbers had saws. and they left just before i came home from college. that scared the living daylights out of my mum coz she thinks that i could've been held hostage by them or my car could've been stolen and i could've been hurt in the process. so right now my house is like this high security zone with all doors fully locked at any time of the day. my maid is pretty scared since she's alone at home in the mornings most of the time. sigh...not a safe place to live in anymore. i wanna move to Perth!

i really have no idea what to blog about. I think i should just retire for the night...

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