Thursday, April 14, 2005

* d o n e ! *

This marks the last past-2-am-day long as it takes till the next assignment comes in...=) I'm done with my assignment! That consists of a Powerpoint presentation, a business website, and a portfolio (which is also a website). I am so relieved! Now all I gotta do is burn it into a CD and drop it into that box tomorrow morning and then i'm off to hibernate! Yes...i'm gonna sleep and sleep and sleep. Over the past week or so, I have had an average of 6 hours of sleep a day. No, that is not enough for a growing child like me. :)

had Law test today. it was 40 questions of MCQ. not too bad actually. Pretty straightforward, so if i could not answer, it only proves to show i did not read the book at all. but lucky for me, i scanned through, so i think 20/40 should be a safe target. :)

went to Pyramid with Ju to buy my mum a birthday present with a pocketful of cash. yup, i'm talking 300 bucks given by daddy with instructions to buy a necklace from Diamonds & Platinum. little did i know, with 300 bucks i couldn't buy a single thing from that shop! geez, i had no idea how much these things cost! Gosh everything was just 370 bucks minimum! and that's for a measly pendant! The whole necklace would be some 800 to 1000 bucks. so we went scouting around till MDS (my dance shop) attracted me. so i ended up buying 2 tops for myself, using daddy's cash. i'll top it up tomorrow!

yup, after i came home from Pyramid, i took a bath and went straight to pick Mrs Khaw up. After that we headed to Bt Jalil to fetch Lyn. hehe...saw Fu Wen and Camelia together, both wearing red. You might think they're wearing couple tees. :) Fu Wen's comment "You cut your hair shorter ar?" is still lingering in my mind. haha funny fella...:)

We were actually the first to reach yuh huey's house. omg, the food she cooked...was splendid! she is one heck of a chef! and to think she got it all from a cook book! We had thai pineapple fried rice, seafood kerabu and green curry chicken! yumm-my! that's not all. Desert was chocolate cheesecake and agar-agar. The choc cheesecake was...i dunno...i'm speechless...words could not describe it! so i had 3 helpings of the fried rice with all the kerabu and the curry chicken, and 3 slices of the cheesecake, and i-lost-count-of-how-many pieces of agar-agar. i was full to the brim! and it didn't help that all of us kept laughing and laughing and laughing (it wouldn't be an RSG gathering without those stitch-inflicting laughs). Each time i laughed so hard, i had tears, and the food in my tummy seemed to find its way up the throat. but it was all good. Loved it!

driving home was quite an adventure also. somehow got on the wrong road. i had mrs khaw and shirlyn with me, and right now i think there's no other person i'd rather be lost with. ahha they're just so entertaining! the road that i got into was the exact same road i was on the time i fetch Raymond from DU and wanted to go back to megemall. some long long long straight highway road which seemed to take us in circles. My petrol light was flashing, and i really didn't want to have Mrs Khaw pushing the car with me on her "inaugural ride with Karen Siah" i quote. and there wasn't a single petrol station in sight for miles! But it was all good. we managed to go back to federal highway. somewhere along the way back to Bt Jalil, we stopped by BP. The hilarious part of this was 3 of us, all did not know how to pump petrol. We never did! ahah i've done it before la but i was still pretty blur since i used to use my dad's credit card. anyway, we did not spill any petrol or whatsoever. :)

i finally got home at about 12.30 am. Started on my assignment immediately. And i'm done now! But it seems to fail everytime i try to burn it on the cd. This is really worrying me. It's 3.25 am now and i really desperately want to sleep. I just can't burn the darn thing so i'm gonna try restarting this com. I'll end here. nite nite!!

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