Tuesday, April 05, 2005

[ dumb donkeys ]

my car was sabo-ed today. no actually not today exactly, on Monday. But i'm blogging about it today coz only today did i realise the seriousness of it. One of the front wiper and back wiper were bent! As in not the mobile part, but the part that's fixed to the car. the part that moves the wiper left n right? yea that part. urgh! those inconsiderate, uncivilised, incompetent, moronic, idiotic, dumb donkeys with nothing better to do! Fools. And my only sin was wanting to save 80 sen worth of parking fee. Is that a crime?! Ok, actually that isn't my only sin. I parked in front of the bridge linking main road to the padang. So i made it a little less convenient to walk through that field. I mean, couldn't u just walk around my car and carried on? I seriously think that would take less energy than bending the metals of my wipers!! Plus, it was for one day only, AND for 2 hours tops! I mean if I do that everyday, it could be annoying but...sigh...so much for civic consciousness man. seriously, malaysians has a lot to learn about that. Civic consciousness. It rained just now so I wasn't able to wipe my windescreen. Had to drive with a blur windscreen, all the way back home, then unbend the wipers. Dumb donkeys!

i got called for an interview today. Star Education Fund interview, for Metropolitan's 3+0 commerce course. The call came when i was in the car, and it was raining outside so i was kinda distracted by external factors. The lady on the other line was utterly rude i tell you!
lady: hello Karen Siah pls
me: Karen here.
lady: (at high speed) u have an interview on thursday morning, 11 am, star office, metropolitan college.
me: huh sorry, what was that again? interview?
lady: yes, on thursday 11 o'clock in the morning.
me: oh ok. May i know what's this for?
lady: (annoyingly) SCHO-LAR-SHIP. Metropolitan college.
me: ok thank you. where is it held?
me: thank you.
---lady hangs up abruptly---
wth? stupid woman! but owell, an interview! yay me! haha...

2 years ago i got some anugerah in school for being the Tokoh KoKurikulum. This magazine company Edubox was there recording everything and wanted an exclusive interview with me. They promised that I would be on the front cover of their next issue. They even called me up to ask where i train and stuff, and came for my gim class in Holiday Villa to do a "cover story". They snapped tonnes of pics and interviewed Mrs Khaw too. But months flew by and the next issue of Edubox never came out. The website was still operating but even that closed down after a year. I never heard about Edubox after that. However, recently I went for gim class again (view previous previous post) and June asked me if I was the one on Edubox coz she's got the latest issue apparently. So right now i'm desperately trying to access the edubox website BUT it's still down. However, in my attempt to search for it on the www, i came across Ju's old post. One of her posts when Julielicious wasn't open to everyone. Not even to me. well, read some things that maybe i shouldn't have read. or maybe i should. either way doesn't matter now. what i read, i somehow knew about it i guess. anyway, that's over now i guess.

ju, sorry for those times. don't simpan dendam yea? i'm just glad we stuck to each other till now. :)

i showed up at 10.55 am for an 11.40 am class today. i thought it started at 11.10 am. Unbelievable aye? i still can't believe it. and the stupidity of realising it only at 11.10 was dumbest of all! and i thought that for a chance that class might be cancelled again, since no one showed up. haha noe what class it was? Law. haha...

urgh...i need to get to work. have to do my accounts tutorial questions.


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