Monday, April 18, 2005

* zoomin' down the freeway *

wakin' up before the sun breaks in
feelin' all hyped up inside
adrenaline, through my veins, pumpin'
just can't wait for this first ride

a rush of energy overwhelmed me
as i stepped into a sea of people
the competitive spirit spreaded endlessly
not a single soul was looking feeble

havin' friends with support to offer
did more than they think they did
made me wanna prove myself better
i'd give all i have, all that i had hid

my spirits soared as the race started
watching my own brother get into the water
cheering for him, nothing less than whole-hearted
to me,then, he was already a winner

having him pass the ribbon to me
i've never felt so proud before
to be a part of this family
amongst the triathletes galore

off i went on my new found racer
a sudden determination to push my limits
i pedalled like i could go no faster
utilizing my energy to bits

pumpin' up hill was hard to hold
my throat burned as i heaved in and out
my bike swayed as i lost control
felt weakness i've never thought about

once i start to head downwards
a surge of confidence erupts in my heart
zoomin' down the freeway, free as a bird
moments will never size up to that part

finishin' sooner than i thought i would
made me feel like i was gettin' somwhere
as i passed my spirit on to do my father good
i told myself silently that i'll get there...

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