Wednesday, April 20, 2005

[ r e s p e c t ]

ok i was actually supposed to retire for the night quite a while ago. but something that Weng Lum and i started to discuss just read aloud "I need to blog about this".

it's about respect and being fake and basically whether we remain true to ourselves by the end of the day.

I dislike people who swears and curses. I just don't deem it necessary to.

Weng lum thinks I should just let it be, and that if they surpress it for my sake they would be fake and not be themselves.
I think that people who know me through and through, and is 100% aware of me disliking vulgarity and profanities, should respect me for it and be a little more cautious when they're around me.

so we brought up like a gazillion case studies. Note, we were being very diplomatic and open minded and we were acting very much like mature civilised beings. hehe...which i'm proud to say. Thanks weng lum, for a nice open discussion. :)

Anyway, we concluded, as usual, that we're entitled to our own opinions. But i think we now have a better understanding of each other. hehe, for the record, i still stand strong to what i deem is right. and i, afterall, have every right to do so. :)

was talking to Donovan just now. Interesting fella. One hell of a training freak! haha dude, if you're reading this, it's been great meeting ya too. haha...

okla...gonna go now...if theres one thing Mrs Peters hate most in the world, is late comers. And i really don't intend to get on her bad side when I'm usually an occupant of the front row (i's the new me...u like? hehe). Oh and will be coming to my coll tomorrow. Then there's gonna be some urban dancers which i think should be quite interesting. :) so my digicam's coming along with me to college tomorrow. If you wanna catch them, they're coming at 1.30 pm. that's is you read this on time la. :)

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