Monday, April 04, 2005

* coz we're dancing *

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my cousin pampers me too much. he just handed me a Creative MuVo MP3 player as a gift. actually it's for me to share with lil keith, but i'll be the person controlling it the most. =) hey it's my songs in my pc...=) anyway, my cousin didn't even come in. he came down from singapore for a friend's wedding. then he dropped by my house to collect something and passed me this plastic bag. took me a while before i figured out that it was an mp3 player!! ahahha i've been wanting one for centuries! and there i was thinking i'd have to save up for the next PC fair to get one. seriously i don't deserve such kindness...

it's well past 2 am and i've just finished my econs tutorial assessment. easter break is officially over. so much for catching up with my studies. i used that 1 week to watch movies, savour Haagen Daz, hang out with muh gurls and spoil myself with countless late night suppers. and the last thing i should get is a 100% free mp3 player by the end of my holiday. owell, at least i accomplished my powerpoint. and the econs. i've still got some accounts and law questions to brush up on, and 2 websites to complete but i'm counting on the good ol karen to get back on track once college starts and the nerdy atmosphere envelopes me again. happens sometimes. i can be pressured to work. =)

one last thing before i end my holidays once and for all...
Long term goal: i shall not complain about being in commerce/business anymore. the human mind is more powerful than you think. change your mindset...start loving business. accept it.
Mid term goal: i shall treat myself to a nice trip with my friends in June only if i have done my best for my semester finals.
Short term goal: complete all assignments (especially IS) on time and to the best of my ability.

goodbye hols...goodnite world...=)

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