Sunday, April 10, 2005

* spot the talent *

i am not sleepy. i am not sleepy. i am not sleepy.

sigh...amazingly i could self inflict a headache but cannot self inflict an insomnia sympton.

once again i'm up doing my assignment because i'm smart enough to spend my whole day not doing it. i don't think i was this bad last year. sure, i wasn't the one to finish 6 months before the dateline or something but i definitely wasn't the one deprived of sleep. i remember being fairly hardworking when it came to my assignments. i don't recall joining the crowd in the Taylor's library, anxiously eyeing the pathetic computers, waiting for any one person to alight from their seat so i could make a beeline for the computer before you could say "computer". in fact, i think my ESL was done 3 days before the due date. you may gawk but i was much better off than a whole lot of students. :) so how come this year i'm such a slacker?

my opinion? it all voices down to motivation. i am beyond unmotivated to do my work. it could be due to the dull subjects i'm dealing with. it could be due to the dreary walls of Metropolitan that i walk into from Monday to Friday since February 22nd. it could be due to the lack of social interaction (in other words lack of friends). or it could be due to the fact that i've gotten lazier altogether. either way, i am in dire need of even a hint of motivation or my entire tertiary education could go down the drain.

to be frank, the subjects aren't all that bad. i mean, i could be in fine arts or something. that could be a worse path to travel. looking at it from this perspective, i should be happy it's not Greek to me. sure i'm not gonna be the sports scientist slash fitness expert that everyone expects me to be. but hey, it's still an avenue to go to.

i was out with a bunch of the old school dudes just now. The ones present were Julie, Pei Jien, Puvesh, Han Yang, Fookie, Sing Foong and Wallance (friend of theirs from langkawi). i think that was a much needed get together if you asked me. we were obviously so lost about each other's current situations (includes academic status, social status etc.). it felt so good to just update yourself on each other. erases some of that guilt i've been having about not keeping in touch with some old friends. was a pity some couldn't make it but there'll be other opportunities. there has to be.

time right now is 3.03 am. i think i'm quite satisfied with my work. i'll be waking up to fetch keith from swim training tomorrow. he ends at 9 am, which means i'd have to leave here at 8.40 am, which means my alarm would have to be at 8.00 am so that by the time i snooze it for a few times it'd be 8.20 am and i'll be just in time. :)

current thought passing through my head? a certain newly attached friend of mine. to be more specific, the whole issue of getting attached myself.

*shakes head* it amazes me how the late quiet night naturally turns you into mush.

galnexdor out!

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