Wednesday, May 18, 2005


n. One lacking the skill of a professional, as in an art.
adj. Not professional; unskillful. [source:]

pretty much how i feel about myself right now. Went to the lake just now with the usual kakis. Then all of a sudden saw a very familiar figure wearing a Team Power t shirt. Stephanie Chock!! yup...this girl rocks! seriously! she's really good in triathlons and duathlons! She even studied Sport Science! I would say she's pretty much an idol to me! and you know what!? today she acknowledged me! She recognizes me as a fellow participant!! Though i'm pretty sure she hasn't a clue what my name is. Doesn't matter. I was just surprised to find she knew me at all!

so siew ghee came up with this idea to follow her pace. i was very reluctant to, since i knew that i was not up to it. but if i ever want to be like her one day, i thought this would be the perfect opportunity to just see where i stand. so, just my luck, as we neared my favourite starting point, she was there too! So off we went, me, weng lum and siew ghee, chasing after her. Honestly, siew ghee did well la since he managed to hold that pace for 2 rounds. I konged after the first. She did a 5 minute flat! haha or more like i did a 5 minute flat! for once in my entire life! but then i slowed down so rapidly in my second round. I started to feel so tired that the decision on whether or not to continue after each round was hard to make. I can't believe that just one stupid quick paced round has the ability to make me feel so worn! darnit!

in the end, what was supposed to be 5 rounds was cut short to 4. and how did i feel? Lousy. Worthless. Amateur. darn it man! i should've just done my 5 rounds! the next time i see her there, i'll follow her for 2 whole rounds and complete 5 rounds in total. I can and i will!

but for the record, I trained with Stephanie Chock today! muahahahah....

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