Thursday, May 12, 2005

utter speechlessness...

i'm so loved. that's right. i'm loved to bits., i cannot be sued for defamation, or false acclamations. i've got evidence. :)

today i turned 19. *gasps* i'm old!!! tsk tsk...i really should not be whining about my age right now. yup, back to being loved.

from the moment the clock struck midnight yesterday, my phone had been ringing off the hook. That includes both my room phone and my handphone. smses were pouring in like nobody's business. 44 of them to be precise. I think i spent close to 5 bucks just replying them. :) I had phone calls that came from Australia, and smses that came from Russia and Singapore. I KNOW!! My email inbox was flooded with emails from my family members and e-cards (yup, still in fashion) from friends across the globe. I received like 12 Friendster testimonials and 5 Friendster messages.

yupyup...however, college was pretty dull. i don't know if it was a mere coincidence that lecturers today decided to prolong the lectures n tutorials. that was a bore! i was struggling to keep my lids open. At least something good came out of it. Shakti gave me cool, long Bonita earrings! That's present no. 2 in addition to the lovely green bracelet Lyn got for me from Vincci.

Lecture finally ended at 5.30 pm. i felt strangely energyless, considering the only workout i did was sit for almost 3 hours staring at Mr Palaya, absorbing as much of Law of Contract as i can possibly manage. which was 5 maybe 10%? came back home, mum somehow inspired me to go jogging. Up SS18 i went, feeling stronger with each step i took as i pounded up the hill. Yea, i don't think anyone else can relate to why i gain strength from exercising. :) But the lack of sleep last night took its toll on me, and i only managed to do 3 rounds around the park, instead of the usual 5. or rather the 5 that i aim to do. *wink*

felt a lot better after the jog. Came home and spotted like 4 unread messages and 3 misscalls? they just won't stop! ahah my little brother was jealous *grin*. Phonecall from brother dearest. Phonecall from Uncle Peter to tell me about Malay Mail. Check it out! It's cool! Phonecall from relatives. :)

dinner with mum. then took bath. came out and saw Most Gorgeous on my handphone. haha...don't kill her guys, but...
pj: do you know that we're coming over to your house later?
me: no. hahah
pj: oops...pls act surprise k? pls pls!
me: pei jien!!! hahaha okok...i'll be more surprised than Julie during her bday surprise. haha
owell, what can i say. :) lucky i found out. since i was about to go makan with my family when Keith came home. :)

then at about 10.30-ish pm i heard the door bell! ahha to be exact, my mum heard it. I didn't. haha..anyway, there they were! the joy bringers of 11th May 2005! Julie, Pei Jien, Siew Ghee, Weng Lum and Han Yang! haha how nice!!

but i think the peak of the tale was when they presented me with my birthday gift! it's uber sweet i tell you! I love it sooo much! If there's a way i can show it to everyone i would! it's just so nice! Thank you everyone who had put their heads into that slide show! Biggest thanks to Julie for thinking of it...since i've been told that you were the mastermind! haha and I heard Beat was too? haha well, doesn't matter who. every person who was featured in that deserves my utmost gratitude! some of your messages were so heartwarming! some were just plain humourous! some were utterly surprising! haha especially those "who's that?" messages...took me a while to recognize some of these people! i loved them all! it makes me realise how well you guys know me, in each and every own inidividual way! ahah it's like i can judge "oh i mean that much to you??" hahaha...let's just hope every word there is sincerely said/typed.

then we adjourn to Asia Cafe where i treated those SYTs (sweet young things) to my favourite roast chicken wing and satay! hehe...

right now, i'm so touched that i'm having difficulty falling asleep. It's times like these that you can afford to lean back, sigh heavily, smile widely and exclaim "My life is perfect!!!"

i'm utterly speechless. i don't think i express my feelings very well. sorry to some of you who expected to see me shed tears of joy *clears throat*. i'm just not one to cry over things like these :) But bear in mind that i do appreciate everything you guys have done for me. and i couldn't have thought of a better birthday present :)

love all of you so much! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

happy birthday hua!!!

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