Tuesday, May 17, 2005

5 years back in time

it seems to me that much has past
since the days we were together
and i thought that much had been forgotten
ending it was all i could remember

then again, i clearly recall
the time you asked me to be with you
and i started to remember again
the way i thought i liked you too

that brought up some other memories
the time you wrote me an alphabet a day
and though i acted like it was no big deal
i still have it with me till today

i started to recall the time
you came for my installation
sure i was nervous and fidgety
though i stepped back, i felt compassion

then i remembered wanting to end it
the reason, till today i'm still unclear of
i can only conclude that i was young and naive
and now and then i regret calling it off

i find myself thinking of you from time to time
beating myself up whenever i think of it
feeling like i was a lousy person
and i hadn't cared one single bit

being close friends with you had been great
i can't help but find that you get me
and conversations last till one has to go
and then disappointment arises slightly

nowadays i fear i think of you more
and brush it away like it's a crime
coz i bear in mind that it's impossible
to relive the moments 5 years back in time...

thinking too much...working too little...

anyway, MMDS results are out!!
Check it out!

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