Thursday, May 19, 2005

just stuff

just some random stuff that hit my brains today...

lesbianism. apparently it's pretty rampant in the so called holy Malaysia. it's not that i'm against it or anything. but it simply ammuses me. how does one realise she's gay? does she find herself strangely attracted to girls and just decided "allright, i'm a lesbian from this day forth"?? and how do they find others alike? i wonder if the process of courting goes the same way as normal guy-girl relationships. and how can they tell if another girl is gay or not? haha just something that i started pondering on and have not stopped till now. haha

changes. yup a lot of changes have been taking place in my life. some reaped benefits. some brought me heartaches. nonetheless, changes have been taking place ever since i was born, and are still taking place. Only difference is i now start to note it like it's a whole big deal. to me, changes are like the angel Death. it's beyond good or evil. it just happens when it's time and no one should question it.

experience. officially i've got 2 ex's. though in actual fact my past relationships involved nothing more than just "hie dears" and fancy birthday presents. we never even went on any dates. so today i concluded that i'm as experienced as anyone who has never been attached.

dating. i was asked out for a drink just now after chatting on the phone for a pretty long time. this so called date is supposed to take place tomorrow night. yea...well when he asked me out, it seemed so casual that it was a mere friendly gesture to me since i ask my guy friends out in the exact same manner all the time. so when is a date a date, exactly? and when do you know if you're leading someone on or not? i often reject guys first, whenever i feel some vibe that it's gonna be an unofficial date, before i contemplate whether to go or not. this is coz i dun wanna lead any guys on. wanna make it real clear that i'm not interested. but this time around my "ok" came out so quickly without even me realising it. coz it didn't feel like he was actually asking me out. then again, i really shouldn't perasan la coz in this modern time and day people can do anything. so yea, should be nothing...:)

exams and assignments. i have a feeling next week is gonna be another week of sleep deprivation, all thanks to my expertise in procrastination. and my exams are not too far off too. if i'm not wrong, my exams start on the exact same day the A Levels finish theirs. joy!. but i shoulnd't complain much since i have only 4 days of exam and the entire duration of it is a week. so i'll be done soon enough! then it's hello to 1 month and 10 days of sweet vacation!

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