Friday, May 27, 2005

i wanna go to JB

i wanna go to JB
i really wanna go
so what if it's too far for me
i still wanna do so!

i wanna catch the video
that's taken from Lumut's race
i just know i shouldn't miss the show
they told me there's my face

i wanna go for sprint again
and try my very best
i wanna be the champion to reign
and outdo all the rest

i wanna improve my timing
i wanna make me proud
and when i end up winning
i wanna say it aloud

my brother won that race before
he's been number one
before i move on for more
it's my turn to have some fun

i really wish that i can go
and prove what i can be
the only way that i can do so
is for me to go to JB!!!

haha...ok that's like the crappiest poem i've ever written. but yea i wanna go to JB. Joy told me i appeared on the video. I wanna see it!! plus, the 4th places this time kinda boosted my spirits to aim for top 3 now. too bad i've got assignments and exams to prepare for. sigh...

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