Wednesday, May 25, 2005

*get right!*

have i used this title before? hmmm...doesn't matter...

i just came back from Dance Class!!! and it rawked!!! woohoo~!! seriously i l-o-v-e this new instructor. she's so cool! my former instructor was cool too but perhaps this one has a little more experience? don't know..but she's so funky! she has this whole hip-hopish attitude even when she's outside class, know what i mean?? she taught us the Get Right dance today. that's something out of the syllabus. :)

oh oh and the dance exam results are out. i would say i'm happy and surprised. haha i wonder if everyone else gets results that are as good. anyway, they were selling the vcd for 10 bucks. i think it's like a personal video since they were recording during the exam. so yea i really really wanna see myself.

feels really cool to be under someone who has confidence glowing out from her. it's so refreshing! from now on i declare Wednesday nights to be the best night of the week! used to be friday nights back then when i had gim. then it was friday evenings when my dance class was during that time. and now it's wednesday!!! though starting next sem, wednesday isn't really the day i'd like to end so soon coz my thursday's timetable sucks! back-to-back lectures. i really don't know how i'm gonna pull through that...'s Oprah had that "he's not that into you" topic again. and it's really really interesting when you get to hear the guy's part of the story. and that guy? Greg? the co-author of the book, haha he's funny. cute too! i find it hilarious when he goes like "bla bla bla..." and cuts the girl off. haha he's just so witty.


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