Saturday, May 21, 2005

sparks weren't flying

maybe it's coz i've set myself a standard
that may seem to be a tad too rigid
maybe it's coz i've build some sorta mental wall
that may have him put outside of it

maybe it's coz i was set on being stubborn
that may have made me close up inside
maybe it's coz i refused to listen
that may have made me miss his best ride

maybe it's coz i have already decided
that whatever prompts up i'd keep denying
maybe it's coz i wasn't responding much
that may have stopped sparks from flying

maybe it's coz i've made up my mind
that all other odss, i'd refuse to walk through
or maybe it's not me at all that's the issue
maybe it's just the fact that he's not you

it's not that he wasn't a great guy. if i were to follow my list of criterias carefully, i'd say he pretty much covers most of it. Sporty, fairly built, funny, friendly, adventurous. Just when i thought i'd never find someone like that, let alone one that's interested in me. but i just don't feel anything. and i'm not Miss Match or Hitch, but i think i would be able to tell if someone interests me or not. I've had a fair share of crushes, some meant so much to me that they're able to make me weak in the knees if i spoke to them. but this time around, there just weren't any feelings...any sparks...any chemistry. it was a blank date. throughout the entier time though, i had someone else on my mind. someone who, recently, have been on my mind most of the time. i think i'm starting to fall for someone...

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