Monday, May 16, 2005

[MMDS II Lumut]

it rocked! I had the time of my life...i don't know why this time around it was much more fun than the past times (which to date i have lost count of) i've been going for these sorta thing.

Cool roomies? Checked!
Comfy hotel room? Checked!
New cool friends? Checked!
Great race? Checked!
Scrumptious food? double checked! =)'s the food factor...haha so i live to eat! Sue me! ahahha we had loads n loads of seafood...ranging from clams, to crabs, to oh mamamiyah! Muah! hahaha...

Took some pics to illustrate the fun i had!

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that's Michelle Toh-Ellaine-Ashley Lim...wacky roomies!

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these two are way cute! Matthew and Timothy (Timmy). 14 and 12 years old respectively...they both did the sprint with me!

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Jessen-Me-Sulaiman. hehe Sulaiman is funny wei...darn funny...

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I'm sure u guys know this fella. If u stay in Subang, or study in any of the colleges in SS15 i reckon you have seen him at least once, running like there's no tomorrow! He did the full individual! Atta boy, Isaiah!! And i still can't believe he's Kee Lina's brother! haha for myself...i'm happy. My 3k run, 20k bike, 3k run was great...the weather was perfect! Only flaw was i have a feeling the 3k was longer than it should be. Someone please justify with me?? Anybody who took the sprint? I can not do 3 km in 25 minutes! And the bike, which i all along thought it was 15 km, turned out pretty good! i usually take about 28 mins for 10 km on the exercising bike at home, and this time i took 50 minutes for 22 km! *pats self*. I can get used to this. Next time it's the full individual for me! yeaa!!!

And i was so psyched about doing a full tri soon, i went swimming just now with my dad! ahaha i did 500m breaststroke, then 50m free sprint, then 200m breast again. Right now all i wanna do is EAT. I'm soooo hungry~! So the moment daddy, mummy n keith returns from Syabas I'm so gonna drag them all out to Asia Cafe for roast chicken wings!!! ahahhaha

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