Monday, May 09, 2005

* l o v e *

notice how this word is so overrated?
how one silly thing could turn your life around
make u just wanna jump up and down
just coz you're so lost for words
and everything you think of is absurd

just seems to be a part of everyone
just say the word and you'll have lots to say
about love found, and love that went away
it's all we ever think about
yes even those who denies it aloud

used to be too strong a word back then
used to be a taboo when i was a child
and those involved in it were labelled wild
and if i were to be in love with someone
the people who'll believe me would be none

was always so planned out for us
we'd dream of the right one
we'd have a vision of it before it even begun
yet hardly does it ever turn out that way
and then we ponder, what happened to "one fine day"??

is so overrated...
yet so misunderstood...

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