Monday, May 23, 2005

15 going on 21

you know what's the best feeling in the world? when u cross the finishing line after the race. Even better when u did your PB. Even better if you surprisingly won. haha well, i didn't get to the 3rd part, but the first and second i managed to accomplish! haha yay me!

yesterday's New Balance Pacesetters 15km was among my best races i would say. The route was beautiful. the weather was beautiful. the competition was great. I love competitions. they push me to my limits. I think i'm a very motivation/inspiration-dependant runner. It takes just very little to make me lose it. but it takes just as much to give me little bossts of energy. not very good i'd say. i'm very easily influenced by what people say.

anyway, this time around the number bibs were only one per person. so they only wear it on the front. which i found to be quite disappointing on my part coz i usually look out for people from my category that is in front of me. then i'd just give it my best shot to overtake them, which in most cases i do. this time around i had to gage roughly how old is the female counterpart. haha if i couldn't tell (hey some aunties are really in shape ok) then i'd just try anyway. haha...

all in all i'm happy to have slashed my past year timing by 10 minutes!!! that's a huge leap for me. I was expecting a 3-5 minutes improvement. haha and as always, the food they gave after that was delicious! Chicken porridge, free nestle products, milo van milo (nothing beats the milo van milo), pau, tau foo far, lots n lots of powerbar recovery drinks, nasi lemak. mmmm....

met a lot of people. Running is getting more n more fun because of the network of friends i'm expanding. It's cool when i go for a race and people recognize me and vice versa. it's! :)

considering competition this time around was tougher than usual, the amount of physical "push" i exerted was tougher as well. and as of now, i'm still suffering from post race symptoms - aching thighs, creaky knees, painful ankles. all for a measly medal and free food, you say? haha no satisfaction is greater, if u asked me.

now what say i do 21 km next time around? Ooh Wee!!!

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