Wednesday, June 01, 2005

101 things about Karen Siah

hahah...Ju, u started a trend! Read what Julie had to say. Then read Rajan's rendition. After that read mine. :)

1. I think i've been to only 2 continents. Asia and Australiasia?
2.I've been to every state in Malaysia. Mum's Pn Yeo the Geog teacher.:)
3. I love travelling. period.
4. I used to get motion sickness on the way to Raub. Think i grew out of it. I get sick from swinging now.
5. I love driving.
6. I have the worst sense of direction.
7. My parents remind me by wondering which side of the family i got it from.
8. I never really liked ballet because it's related to pink girly girls in tutus. Don't think so anymore tho.
9. I wear glasses too.
10. I wear my contacts for convenience as the primary reason. Beauty is secondary.

11. I never used to wash my face with facial products back then and i apparently had flawless skin (ask Anne. she commented it). Now i do and pimples are sprouting. go figure.
12. I don't use make up...for no special occassions.
13. I've been to zouk...with Julie
14. But I've never been clubbing. At least not at a real club. Did a bit of dancing under a disco ball to techno during Leo Forums.
15. I've never done drugs and i've never smoked a cigarette.
16. It's okay to drink, but I don't like the idea of drunkards. I personally, can't drink.
17. I h-a-t-e smokers.
18. Will never think of dating one.
19. My first crush was my neighbour. I was 5. and i told my mum about it.
20. He was my kindergarten, primary 1,2 and 3 classmate. He fell for my best friend in Primary 3.

21. I love kids. Especially those between the age of 1-3.
22. Built guys are cute to me. *wink*
23. The first two guys I really liked weren't the first 2 guys I called my boyfriend.
24. I love taking pictures. Both behind and in front of the camera.
25. I love looking at pictures. Especially my own. Sue me.
26. "My boyfriend" is yet to happen.
27. "He" shall be toned and sporty. Hopefully.
28. I give in very easily to very few things. (ask weng lum to testify)
29. My eyebrows are barely there. They're natural.
30. They're the same as everyone in my family.

31. I have a red birth mark below my left eye.
32.People notice. They think i'm bleeding.
33. I sleep too much. The only time i don't get anough sleep is when assignments are due.
34. I'm a very last minute person. To a certain degree.
35. The first time I watched Jerry Maguire,I thought "i don't think i'm supposed to watch this". That was during the sex scenes.
36. Tom Cruise is now and has always been one of my all-time favourite movies stars.
37. Unless Jon Johnsson starts acting.
38. I get terrible mood swings once in a while.
39. They usually happen when i'm super stressed but i try not to show it.
40. At that time, i may just start crying.

41. I used to have terrapins named after Ninja Turtles. They were let go at the lake. Then I had white mice. They were killed by being dropped too many times from high levels. Blame the neighbours. Then I had fighting fishes. Died coz i forgot to put the cardboard slip back inbetween the glasses. Then I had hamsters. Died via various deaths. Then I had chickens. They were overfed. Gave them to my grandmother.
42. She cooked them for Chinese New year.
43. Everyone ate it during the reunion dinner.
44. Once, my uncle lived with me and he had a dog named Boxer. It was a boxer.
45. I love animals. Warm blooded ones.
46. I'm said to be not so ticklish. (ask ashwin. he's tried)
47. I find it very hard to let go of certain things. Books are not included.
48. I have never cried when I watch sad movies.
49. F.R.I.E.N.D.S is my favourite TV show. It makes me want to be Rachel.
50. Never been to any American/European country

51. My PC lags too much.
52. I can talk a lot. Usually the talker when Julie's the listenner.
53. I find that i share my feelings rather easily with my friends. With my family however, it's a different thing.
54. I love food. Period
55. I think I'm a Jack of all trades but a master of none.
56. I speak Hokkien. It doesn't sound that bad.
57. I try to speak cantonese and mandarin too. But my mother tongue is English.
58. I understand a bit of every dialect. I try to.
59. I've seen and touched snow in Korea. But there wasn't enough to even make a snowball.
60. I love being outdoors. Beaches, parks, gardens, playgrounds, forests, mountains.

61. Rainy days make me wonder around my house helplessly. I hate being restless.
62. Then I pray for Astro to start working again.
63. I dont mine reading. Fearless is my favourite.
64. I read more heart touching stories now. Like A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer.
65. Family is very very important to me. However we need our spaces.
66. I have quite close cousins. But not in a "hang out at the mall" kinda way.
67. I still wished they chose me for National Service.
68. I love looking at the stars in the sky. Lying flat on the floor.
69. OBS is so far the place with the most beautiful star-covered sky i've ever seen.
70. So mind-transcending.

71. English has always been my favourite subject.
72. I wish i have English now.
73. I love surprises.
74. I love the idea of gifts without reason.
75. I believe the struggle for financial freedom is fair. The struggle for freedom itself isn't.
76. Good song lyrics are poems i wished i wrote.
77. People often relate to them and I'd like to be the person they relate to.
78. Which is why if i don't become a lyricist i want to be a motivational speaker.
79. I suffer from short term memory lost. My dad thinks it's all a matter of priority.
80. The sweetest thing a guy has done for me is wait for me for almost a year. They told me he was a player. He ended up being my first.

81. I love San Fransisco's extreme mocha.
82. Anything cheesy makes me happy.
83. Secret recipe's Oreo cheesecake rox!
84. I have a female's ego.
85. The people online are being neglected by me.
86. Because i usually do that when I'm blogging.
87. Which is why i usually blog either late late at night, or in the afternoon when the only person who would msg me is my dad from work.
88. I'm online too often too.Blame streamyx.
89. I somtimes wish I was in charge of the bill.
90. But unfortunately I can't afford it.

91. I was nicknamed "water tank" when I was a child.
92. I prefer to shop with only Shirlyn.
93. That never happened since she got with Jin Aun.
94. Didn't quite stop me from shopping tho. Do that with my mum now. But that's rare.
95. I love spending on people that I'm close to.
96. My mum has very dominant genes.
97. I look exactly like her.
98. I have size 6.5 feet.
99. I went all the way to KL that day. Going again tomorrow. Again on Friday, and very often from now on.
100. I have a lot of running training to do.

101. I'm very much loved.

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