Tuesday, July 19, 2005


i haven't given much thought
about how i'd take the end of it
much preparation were put into the start
and even the "during" but not the last bit

i somehow forgot to ask myself
whether i'd be able to take the parting
whether i'd be able to tear myself away
whether i'd be able to curb my feelings

i fell asleep last night thinking
whether i should let go and move on
but i found myself thinking less of that
and more of the bygones

i was reminiscing more than ever
when i should really be questioning
i was recounting times that touched my heart
rather than times to come that may end up disappointing

i wrote a letter before i left
and thought i'd give it to you
but then i thought of the consequences
and figured what damage it would do

i didn't want to regret my actions
coz i seem to do that too often
but right now i'm sitting here staring at it
and i can't seem to find the reason

my mind laughs at the irony of it
how i was at the right place at the wrong time
but my heart cries at the mismatch
with confusion n disappointment so sublime

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