Sunday, July 24, 2005

back aches...

my pc isn't very posture-pedic-ally inclined. it requires me to look down on my monitor, which is below my desk, for space-saving purposes. i have back aches after approximately 2 hours at my desk. it's kinda like a limit signal for me. so when my back starts to hurt, that's my cue to sign off. :)

anyway, yesterday the man-who-runs-very-fast-with-one-arm-bent at the lake approached me to be his girlfriend/wife's teammate for some adventure race in Gopeng! how cool is that!! i was psyched of course, but wary of the fact that i've never done mountain-biking in my life, and road biking serves as NO training for mountain biking. so i was a bit scared considering the couple seemed pretty good and serious about what they do. but the guy was very nice, making it sound as though it was a fun race. he was very careful to make himself sound as though fun was the primary reason of joining the race. so the more i heard him talked, the less scared i got. i thought, how hard could mountain biking be?

but alas, his girlfriend/wife already found a teammate. so although, i was relieved, i was also disappointed. but the invitation has kept me thinking about mountain biking and adventure racing all day and night. seriously, that would be a treat! imagine charging down the challenging terrain of the jungle, at high speed! the thrill, the excitement!

i wanna do adventure racing! it beats road racing anytime! but how? i've got a road bike, i can't possibly go get a mountie now. unless i hire one each time i wanna race. haha it's a thought!

i'm so excited! i really really wanna try it out! :)

oh...mountain biking causes less back aches. but more butt aches i presume. haha...

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