Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"we go where no one dares, we do what no one can"

Great tagline. Punchy, eye-catching, intimidating.

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now that I'm done with powerman i can finally remove the countdown for it. That leaves only AXN Challenge left. that's right! only one more race to go!

i was browsing through the 2004 photo gallery...and just by the power of sight...i'm officially freaked out. Excited...but freaked out. Sure i've always longed for it. But loads of doubts are clouding my mind right now.

what if i can't pull through?
what if i got injured and become a burden to the rest?
what if i was too unfit to continue?
what if i needed to be carried?

no! i don't think i can bear that! you guys may not know this about me (then again maybe you do) but i would bite back tears, grit my teeth and clench my fists just to refuse any form of help from others during an adventure like this. especially from boys. yes i'm an egoistic woman. you can ask anyone who was in my watch in YAC 15 OBS 2001. i practically loathed the guys who offered me assistance during the expeditions. but i loathed one person in particular. it was a she. scenario went like this:

scene: climbing up a terrain in the jungle
female: eh somebody help Karen up.
me: it's ok i can do it on my own.
female: shut up and just let someone help you.
me: i said i can do it on my own!
female: guys just pull the damn girl up.
me: No!* glares icily at guys*

scene 2: hot seat
instructor: ok Karen's turn.
female: I think she's too competitive. she should learn to tone down.
[some time later]
instructor: now ***'s turn.
me: she probably doesn't realise this but she bosses people around.

i swear i could've shoved my mud caked shoe into her mouth! yea man...it was war within Kinabalu watch. and she sleeps beneath me in the dorm? darn girl.

anyway, back to the topic. I'll do whatever it takes to complete the race with minimal help. i'd be giving help. yea! i can be tough. we're all equal. it's a team! no giving face to the young girl!

powerman results are out!

looks like i didn't do too bad...:)

and isaiah did really well! he's on a roll!!

congrats congrats to all powerman duathletes!!

thanks Esther for coming to my rescue...you know what boredem does to people...muahah! and yes...Friendster surfing is not weird...i repeat...not weird. :)

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