Tuesday, September 27, 2005

feelin' low

it's not gonna happen.
i'm not going for AXN Challenge...
i'm so disappointed.
i wanted to go.

he said we couldn't get the equipments in time. so we won't be going this year. and i was looking forward to it.

this sux. i wanna go for AXN. i really do. :(

my porpor fell down today. fell backwards, knocked her head on a flower pot. there was blood. lots of it. my yehyeh got their neighbour to send them to a nearby clinic. they called me to fetch them. when i went there i was shocked to see her condition. there was a huge patch of gauze soaked in yellow lotion and blood covering a huge lump behind her head. her shirt was bathed in blood. she smelled of blood. she seemed a bit traumatised herself. my yehyeh was trying to keep things calm, but i could see he was worried as well. she's fine now. very weak and shaken though. she lost a lot of blood. her wound needed 2 stitches.

today's just low. darn low.

and you know what's the worst thing? after all that's happened, all i can think about right now is how nice it would be if someone was here to comfort me. someone who knows me through and through, and knows just what to say to make me feel better. i can't shut him out...

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