Thursday, September 08, 2005

Star Education Fund

i skipped a total of 3 classes today. 1 lecture and 2 tutorials.

and i actually regret that i skipped the lecture. i was in Menara Star listening to some Ah Beng telling me about self confidence and goal attainment. and i tried befriending 2 fellas i was sitting next to. the girl's cool. but the guy's a freaking poser...

speaker: ok i want u all make new commitment for this year, ah,ok?
me: commitment...hmmm... *scribbles on paper* do 21km under 2 hours 5 minutes
him: *peeping over my shoulder* why not 42 km? i did a 42 km. The KL International marathon. I did within....
me: *quickly looking at the girl* so what are your commitments?

gawd if there's anything i hate most it's talking big! what more coming from a stranger.

after the seminar, we had the award presentation in Eastin Hotel, which is directly next door to Menara Star. As usual, VIP was like an hour late, so in our free time, i do what i do best! *bec, this is even more bimbotic than ures k* Camwhore!!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

This is Hui Lynn, she's the other Star scholar of Metro. She's doing RMIT though. Only 2 of us for the whole of Metro. So at the end of the award presentation, every college/institute/university get to have a photography session. and Metro only had 2 people while others have like15-20. there were a couple with only 1 scholar la...

there seems to be a heat wave going on...equinox coming...September 23rd! hehe check out my Geography knowledge man! last touched in form3! haha..i'm afraid that about all i can remember la. that and the occasional Geography lessons i get from my mum randomly at home.

ok...can't take the heat no room's air con is bunking in with little Keith. g'nite!

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