Tuesday, September 20, 2005

my prom date...

feeling all nostalgic today...

came across this and suddenly felt as though that was the sweetest thing someone has ever done for me. then i started fussing to myself about the fact that he did not get enough recognition for it. so i decided to post this up.

in honour of Puvesh my prom date '03...

SJ Prom 2003 was a blast. even the sam prom couldn't size up. and i don't think anything ever will. kinda sad Metro doesn't have one. it would be a pity completing my tertiary education without a prom/ball to top it off.

just wandering where can i wear my prom dress to next? i paid 200 over bucks for it and i wore it once. Lyn wore it twice though and my cousin might wear it during her marriage registration.

anyway, Chiat called today and he says that i'm in for AXN Challenge. Initially i'd die to get in the race, what more if it's FOC. But right now i'm starting to worry...

i climb like i did the first day i stepped into the gym.

i can kayak but not competitively.

i'd say my trail running is so-so but having Keeran around might be a boost.

and i can't cycle off road for nuts.

so help me God.

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